Replacing A Leaky Window In Your RV

Investing in an RV can be a great way to ensure you have access to the comforts of home while you travel the open road. Because your RV will likely be exposed to the elements throughout the year, it's possible for one of the windows in your trailer to spring a leak. Replacing a leaky window as quickly as possible is essential when it comes to preventing serious water damage.

Here are three steps you can take to safely and successfully replace a leaky window in your RV in the future.

1. Take pictures as you remove the leaky window.

Once you have purchased a new window from your local RV parts dealer, you may be tempted to get the old window out of the frame as quickly as possible. It's important that you take the time to snap a few pictures as you remove the old window to make installing the new one a little easier.

After all of the screws are removed and you are ready to take the old window out of its frame, be sure that you snap a picture showing the location of any spacers or clamps that holding the window in place. You can consult the photo as you install the new window to ensure you get the placement of the spacers and clamps correct on the first try.

2. Clean the frame thoroughly before installing a new window.

When you remove a leaky window from your RV, you will probably notice some old sealant and grime left on the inside of the frame. To ensure that your new window can enjoy a watertight seal in the frame, you need to clean out this gunk before installation.

Using a plastic scraping tool designed to remove automotive trim, gently scrape away any dried and flaking sealant from the frame's surface. Next, use some denatured alcohol on a lint-free rag to help remove any remaining dirt from the frame. A thorough cleaning will allow you to create a firm seal between your new window and the window frame in your RV.

3. Use butyl tape to seal the new window in place.

Most RV windows are sealed in place using tape. While your old window might have been installed using putty tape, it can be beneficial to purchase some butyl tape from your local RV parts dealer. Butyl tape will not dry out like putty tape does, allowing it to maintain a watertight seal over a longer period of time.

If the exterior of your RV is covered with corrugated siding, place some strips of tape along the low points in the siding around your window frame. This will help your new window achieve a tighter seal.

Replacing a leaky window is a great way to prevent your RV from sustaining any serious water damage. Be sure that you take pictures of the process, clean the frame after removing the old window, and use butyl tape to seal the new window in order to achieve the best results. 

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