Every Driver Needs To Know These Brake Repair Signs

Owning a car comes with many responsibilities. Drivers who neglect to get mandatory maintenance performed on their vehicles run the risk of having significant mechanical failures. Some issues can lead to tragic situations such as collisions. Brake repairs are a type of maintenance that falls into this category. Advanced signs of brake issues might mean that a braking system is damaged and could stop working and cause an accident. The best option is to get brakes inspected at the correct intervals. Technicians can make recommendations about whether to repair brakes or they can give you an idea of when a brake replacement will be needed. The following points can be used as a small reference of things that you may notice if you need a brake repair.

Illuminated Brake Light in Console

Most newer model vehicles have safety features that cause lights, which are located in the back display of the consoles, to illuminate, indicating that a service issue or potential problem exists. These lights are activated by sensors throughout the vehicle. Faulty sensors can produce false readings. This is why a mechanic should inspect a vehicle that has an illuminated brake light warning. The light may stay on or come on intermittently. If a brake repair is not needed and the illumination is determined to be caused by a faulty sensor, drivers need to get sensor repair completed to ensure that their brake systems will properly warn them when a true brake issue presents itself.

Brake Fluid Leaks

Leaks coming from vehicles usually indicate a need for a repair or adjustment. Brake fluid leaks are serious because if they are not fixed, the leaks will eventually lead to reduced pressure when braking. Individuals with this issue may notice that their brake pedals appear to go down softer. This is a tell-tale sign of worse things that could occur such as delayed braking to a complete stop or complete loss of braking power. In most cases, brake fluid leaks require professional brake services and are often a sign of master cylinder problems.

Burning Smells After Braking

Burnt smells emit from vehicles when something is overheated. In the case of a vehicle's braking system, the smell may be caused by two portions of the braking system. The brake pads might be worn or there might be issues with the clutch. Worn brake pads can lead to damage to brake rotors and negatively impact proper braking. The clutch is an integral part of the brake system, and if it burns out and requires replacement, the replacement can address the matter in time.

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